Top Reviews In Canada

Top Reviews In Canada

“Eleanore loves it. I love the images, diversity and affirmations!! What a great idea.”

-Melanie Richards (Owner of Happy Tree Yoga, Toddler Mom)


“I read this book with my 4 year old daughter and she loves it. It’s informative while still being kid friendly. The pictures are bright and colourful. It was nice to see the children smiling while enjoying healthy foods. My daughter mostly enjoyed reciting all the foods she recognized in the pages!”

-Kelsey Smith Wright (Fitness Instructor, Toddler Mom)


“What a great book!! Our daughter is just over two years old and she loves following the pictures and naming all of the foods.”

-Kevin Chapman (Regional Vice President, Toddler Dad)


“Bought two books. Perfect gifts for my friends’ babies.”

-Olivia Rodriguez (Restaurant Owner, Caring Friend)


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